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Bowen, Skerpon head All-Region squad.

By: The Review | Towanda Daily Review | June 18, 2014 | Photo courtesy The Review


Bowen, Skerpon head All-Region squadA trio of state medalists head this year's The Daily & Sunday Review All-Region Girls' Track and Field team.

Tioga's Charlsie Bowen was the highest finisher of any local at states this year, taking second in the pole vault in New York and she is the field athlete of the year.

Sayre's Elyse Skerpon was seventh in the state in the 300 hurdles this year and she is the track athlete of the year.

Notre Dame's Chase Yoder helped lead the Crusaders to a state medal in the 3200 this year and she is the newcomer of the year.

The All-Region first team included Notre Dame's Deborah Diarra in the 100 (12.8) and 200 (25.9) and Waverly's Sam Goble in the 400 (59.40). Yoder is on the first team in the 800 (2:20.17), while Waverly's Kelsey Frank is on the first team in the 1600 (5:39.80) and Violet Learn of North Penn is on the first team in the 3200 (12:11.79).

Bowen is on the first team in the pole vault at 11-feet, 9-inches.

Skerpon is on the first team in the 100 hurdles (15.70) and 300 hurdles (45.02) and in the 400 relay Notre Dame's Diarra, Jenny Smithers, Victoria Schutrum and Megan O'Dell are on the first team with a time of 50.50.

Waverly's team of Goble, Kaylee Uhl, Kate Moore and Danielle Burkhart are on the first team in the 1600 relay in 4:03.15 and Notre Dame's Yoder, Emma Booth, Laurel Vargas and Allegra Dawes are on the first team in the 3200 relay in 9:40.84.

In the high jump Athens' Ariyahana Bernard is on the first team at 5-feet, 3-inches and Lydia Werner of NEB is on the first team in the long jump at 16-feet, 9 1/2-inches.

Jada Jackson of Wellsboro is on the first team in the triple jump at 37-feet, 1-inch and in the shot put Wellsboro's Alex Kurtz is on the first team at 31-feet, 9-inches.

In the discus Anna Lackner is on the first team at 102-feet, 7-inches and in the javelin Kurtz is on the first team at 109-feet.

Wellsboro's 400 relay of Lindsey Graver, Jackson, Lauren Bleggi and Raisa Rogers earns a wild card on the first team and Smithers earns a wild card for the hurdles as a state medalist in the 400 hurdles in New York.

The second-team has Bleggi in the 100 (13.0), Wyalusing's Morgan Sutton in the 200 (26.6), Diarra in the 400 (59.7), Uhl in the 800 (2:22.48), Learn in the 1600 (5:42.47) and Simone Lichty of North Penn in the 3200 (12:12.21).

Werner is on the second team in the 100 hurdles in 15.75 and Paighton Martin of Wyalusing is on in the 300 hurdles in 49.24.

In the high jump CV's Hayley Painter and Werner tie for the second-team spot at 5-feet, 2-inches and in the long jump Shanell Baglini of Athens makes it at 16-feet, 9 1/4-inches.

In the pole vault Sidney Shaffer of Waverly and Skerpon tie for a second-team spot at 9-feet, 6-inches.

Alysa Davey-Bostic makes the second team in the triple jump at 35-feet, 3 1/2-inches and Jackson makes it in the shot at 31-feet, 4-inches.

Jenn Shults of Troy makes the second team in the discus at 100-feet, 8-inches and Kaitlyn Henry of Sayre earns a second-team spot in the javelin at 107-feet, 9-inches.

Jackson earns a third-team spot in the 100 in 13.04 and in the 200 Goble earns the spot in 27.0, while Sutton is on the third team in the 400 in 1:00.11.

In the 800 Booth is on the third team in 2:23.78 and Lichty makes it in the 1600 in 5:50.17 while in the 3200 Frank makes it in 12:17.70.

Martin makes it in the 100 hurdles in 16.34 and Britta Berguson of North Penn makes it in the 300 hurdles in 51.19.

In the long jump Waverly's Kate Oteng-Bediako is on the third team at 16-feet, 3 1/4-inches and Lauren Risch of Towanda makes it in the triple jump at 34-feet, 1 1/2-inches.

Katherine Shenot of Athens makes it in the shot at 31-feet, 1/2-inch and in the discus O'Dell makes it at 96-feet, 6-inches.

Kaelyn Keane of Wellsboro makes third team in the javelin at 104-feet, 2-inches.

Girls Track Athlete of the Year- Elyse Skerpon, Sayre

Girls Field Athlete of the Year- Charlsie Bowen, Tioga

Newcomer of the Year: Chase Yoder, ND

Girls Top Times


1. Deborah Diarra, ND 12.8

2. Lauren Bleggi, Well 13.0

3. Jada Jackson, Well 13.04


1. Deborah Diarra, ND 25.9

2. Morgan Sutton, Wyal 26.60

3. Sam Goble, Wav 27.00


1. Sam Goble, Wav 59.40

2. Deborah Diarra, ND 59.70

3. Morgan Sutton, Wyal 1:00.11


1. Chase Yoder, ND 2:20.17

2. Kaylee Uhl, Wav 2:22.48

3. Emma Booth, ND 2:23.78


1. Kelsey Frank, Wav 5:39.80

2. Violet Learn, NP 5:42.47

3. Simone Lichty, NP 5:50.17


1. Violet Learn, NP 12:11.79

2. Simone Lichty, NP 12:12.21

3. Kelsey Frank, Wav 12:17.70


1. Elyse Skerpon, Say 15.70

2. Lydia Werner, NEB 15.75

3. Paighton Martin, Wyal 16.35


1. Elyse Skerpon, Say 45.02

2. Paighton Martin, Wyal 49.24

3. Britta Berguson, NP 51.19


1. Notre Dame (Deborah Diarra, Jenny Smithers, Victoria Schutrum, Megan O'Dell) 50.50


1. Waverly (Kaylee Uhl, Katelyn Moore, Danielle Burkhart, Sam Goble) 4:03.15


1. Notre Dame (Allegra Dawes, Laurel Vargas, Chase Yoder, Emma Booth) 9:40.84

High Jump

1. Ariyahana Bernard, Athens 5' 3"

2. Hayley Painter, CV

3. Lydia Werner, NEB 5' 2"

Pole Vault

1. Charlsie Bowen, Tio 11' 9"

2. Sidney Shaffer, Wav

3. Elyse Skerpon, Sayre 9' 6"

Long Jump

1. Lydia Werner, NEB 16' 9 ½"

2. Shanell Baglini, Ath 16' 9 ¼"

3. Kate Oteng-Bediako, Wav 16' 3 ¼"

Triple Jump

1. Jada Jackson, Well 37' 1"

2. Alysa Davey-Bostic, NP 35' 3 ½"

3. Lauren Risch, Tow 34' 1 ½"

Shot Put

1. Alex Kurtz, Well 31' 9"

2. Jada Jackson, Well 31' 4"

3. Katherine Shenot, Ath 31' ½"


1. Anna Lackner, ND 102' 7"

2. Jenn Shults, Troy 100' 8"

3. Megan O'Dell, ND 96' 6"


1. Alex Kurtz, Well 109'

2. Kaitlyn Henry, Say 107' 9"

3. Kaelyn Keane, Well 104' 2"

Wild Cards

- Jenny Smithers in 400H for first team

- Wellsboro 4x100 (Lindsey Graver, Jada Jackson, Raisa Rogers and Lauren Bleggi) for the first team