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Longtime NEB cross-country, track coach Murphy stepping down.

By: Brian Fees | Towanda Daily Review | June 8, 2018


The real Mt. Rushmore honors former Presidents.

Now, the local sports Mt. Rushmore is starting to be the same thing, as many of the most famous coaches in the area's history are becoming former coaches.

Northeast Bradford's Mike Murphy is the latest to step down from coaching cross country and track and field at Northeast Bradford.

When The Daily Review did our Mt. Rushmore for Northeast Bradford, Murphy was on there for everything he accomplished. Now, he joins Towanda's Bill Sexton and Wellsboro's Philip Prough as district title winning coaches who have stepped away in the past week.

Cross country may not get the recognition other sports get, but Murphy put Northeast Bradford cross country on the map.

Few have ever come close to the success he had in the sport, and few ever will in the future.

As a boys' cross country coach Murphy had a record of 205 wins and 10 losses. To put it simply, his teams won 95% of the time they competed.

He won nine district titles in boys cross country and two more on the girls side. He helped lead the Panthers to a state championship and three third-place finishes in the state and six times they finished top six in the state.

In track and field he led the Panthers to league titles, and coached a state record holder in Rob Robbins, who went on to compete at the 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials.

This year he was named the NTL Coach of the Year and recognized at last month's banquet.

Part of the criteria for the NTL coach of the year reads "The Coach/Program of the year recognizes and honors a coach/program, which has had an impact on the lives of student-athletes, by encouraging them to succeed and by helping them develop self-confidence, ambition and a sound work ethic, and other skills or values necessary or helpful for success in their later lives."

That definition describes what you hear from many of Murphy's former athletes.

It describes what you heard from many of Sexton's former athletes

It describes what you have heard from many of Prough's former athletes.

Right now, the NTL isn't just losing very good coaches. They aren't just losing people who won some games, earned a few titles and had some good athletes.

The NTL coaching ranks have lost some amazing people this week.

Murphy, like Sexton, helped put his school on the map.

You leave the NTL and people know of Northeast Bradford cross country and track and field and a lot of that is because of what Murphy brought to the program.

He won't be out coaching cross country and track and field next year, but when people think of the most famous coaches in Northeast Bradford history, his will be one of the first names on the list. He will be one of the faces on the Mt. Rushmore.


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