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Shadduck signs for soccer.

By: Brian Fees | Towanda Daily Review | February 20, 2018


For Northeast Bradford's Hannah Shadduck, playing soccer has always been the goal.

Ever since she was little, she knew it was what she wanted to work toward.

However, injuries had Shadduck at times wondering if her dream would become a reality.

"There was a lot of setbacks," Shadduck said. "I definitely got down sometimes, but knowing I had my dad and my different coaches to boost me up and help me get there, the support was amazing. I am so happy."

As soon as Shadduck went to Alfred State, she knew it was the right fit.

"I really liked the campus and I really liked the coach," Shadduck said. "I went over there in the summer and the campus is beautiful and it kind of connected with me and it had my major with it and the college coach was amazing. I was so excited."

Shadduck is planning to major in business management.

For her, playing college soccer is something she has always wanted.

"I am extremely pumped," she said. "It is everything I worked for. With footwork and everything I have done over the years with my coaches.

"Forever, it's been the goal."

The way she plays the team game is something that Alfred State's coaches really liked about Shadduck.

"One of the things they really liked is, I usually play center mid or I can play more of a defensive position with my premier team," Shadduck said. "And, they said they really liked my teamwork sills, my ability to lead and work with players as well as the basic principles of the game."

There are also things Shadduck knows to work on.

"My coach didn't tell me too much, to be honest," Shadduck said. "The one thing she said to work on was to pay attention a little bit more to what was happening in all points of the game."

Foot work is always something Shadduck wants to improve on as well.

"Definitely the foot skills aspect of it, that's key to the game," Shadduck said. "Just being able to fake people out and things like that. I have been working on my foot skills for so long and I'm still going to keep working on it. The next few weeks I'm doing foot skill training."

Playing travel ball on top of high school soccer is something Shadduck knows has helped her a lot.

"It's helped a plethora," Shadduck said. "It's been amazing. I have done premier leagues, I have done an outside league from high school since I was probably 11."

While Northeast Bradford is a small school, Shadduck has also had a lot of opportunities there.

"I would definitely say, even though I came from a small school, there was a lot of variety at this school," she said. "You see it in other sports, too. There is a lot of variety and a lot of skill sets. The options to go up town and how close we live to the border allows you to play on different travel teams with so many different people."


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