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Wyalusing's Edsell commits to wrestle at PSU.

By: Brian Fees | Towanda Daily Review | April 27, 2018


In high school Creighton Edsell wrestled for one of the most successful wrestling programs in District 4.

In college he'll wrestle for the most dominant program in the nation.

The Wyalusing senior committed to wrestle at Penn State, and the former state champion hopes to make his mark at the collegiate level.

"The staff down there, and everything there, it felt right," Edsell said. "Like everyone said you are going to know when it's right. Everyone down there is so helpful.

"I just visited this weekend. Coach Cael (Sanderson) texted before states and he said after states, after you get done, we want you on a visit. He said you are a hard working man. It was pretty neat with the Blue and White game. It was pretty neat, the last weekend has been phenomenal."

For Edsell it's special to get a chance to wrestle at Penn State.

"I'm really excited," he said. "It's the number one team in the nation at Penn State. Obviously mostly everyone wants to go there. To be a Nittany Lion and practice with all those kids, it's really great."

Edsell had been looking at a number of schools, but when he got the call from Penn State he started to realize where he'd be going.

"Lock Haven and UPJ really wanted me," Edsell said. "I was looking at Maryland before the season event started. I was laying back and looking and then coach Cael texted and I was so happy for it. It's a great opportunity to have.

"I thought it was a dream at first. He's actually texting me, he's calling me. He's like listen, I want you. I was so shocked. Not too many people get to do this. They only have 35 kids on the roster last year, not everybody gets this opportunity."

For Edsell, going to Penn State is something he imagined since he was getting into wrestling.

"Ever since I was a little kid with Ed Ruth, David Taylor, Nico (Megaludis). I started really watching it though these past two or three years. I just started really watching them and I could see myself there and he called me and I couldn't believe it."

Edsell knows that wrestling on a team with three returning national champions, and four guys returning that have won titles in their careers, will only make him better.

"Like coach (Casey) Cunningham said, you are going to get better the first month you are here," Edsell said. "There are no practice partners to run away from. Everyone is good. A lot of people said they think I could be a good college wrestler, I'm interested to see what I can do."

Edsell knows that the competition in the room in college will just push him to new heights.

"I am really excited," Edsell said. "In high school I had my brother (Collin). I had Josh (Haley), but practicing every day with national champions, I think I can compete right up there with them. It's not going to be right off the bat, but I think in the long run I can be as good as them.

"It's going to be interesting. It's going to be fun. Not everyone gets to wrestle on a national championship team. With coach Cael, coach Cunningham, coach Cody (Sanderson), they are just phenomenal. They help you out in any way. They are there to help you. I think it's going to be pretty special. Obviously everybody in the family is really happy for me. I just dreamed ever since I was little to wrestle on a national level. I think it's going to be really fun."

Edsell isn't sure where exactly he'll wrestle weight-wise in college, but he's open to anything.

"They don't really press you into any weight," Edsell said. "If I really need to make 57, I'll make 57. Or if I need to make 84, I'll get bigger and wrestle 84. They have some kids cut weight and some kids that want to get bigger. Whatever I feel comfortable and whatever they want me at."

Getting a chance to wrestle on the defending National Championship team is something special for Edsell. After dreaming of winning a state title in high school, now he dreams of winning national titles in college.

"I dreamt of being a state champion all my life and I accomplished that," Edsell said. "Now, I have other goals. I want to be a national champ. I want to be the best in the country. I think it's the only place that can make me the best in the country. They have 4-5 champs the last two years. Just being able to drill with them every day, I think it will be awesome. I think it's going to take work, obviously, everything doesn't come easy in life. But, if you work hard enough at it, which I want to, I know I can be a national champ."


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